02 Jun 2022

’23 Summer Internships

QERC 2023 Summer Internships 

The Quetzal Education Research Center brings students and researchers from around the world, including the host country, to engage in dialogue and research focused on the tropical cloud forest and its floral and faunal community for the purpose of sustainability. QERC works to integrate local people with research scientists, educators, and students from around the world in the effort to merge good conservation practice and economic viability in the local community.

When: May 24 – July 1, 2023

Where: Quetzal Education Research Center, San Gerardo de Dota, Costa Rica 


  • Six weeks in a Tropical cloud forest situated along the Talamanca range – a UNESCO world heritage site
  • Conduct rigorous field research projects  
  • Explore unique Biodiversity
  • Visit National Parks 
  • Instructors: Dr. Daniel Rocha and Dr. Caio Fança


  1. Medical Entomology: Mosquitos are important vectors of diseases that affect humans, wild and domestic animals alike. Mosquitos’ biology are closely related to temperature and water cycles. In this project we will use field techniques to study the mosquito fauna in a cloud environment. We will apply molecular techniques and morphological analysis to identify species. 
  2. Tropical Ecology: Why do some species occur in high densities at some locations but are absent at other locations? Why do some areas exhibit such rich diversity of species while other areas show such poor diversity? How do different species respond to an environmental feature? How are human-driven factors affecting species’ communities? For centuries, naturalists and biologists have been interested in this type of ecological question. This project also aims to equip undergraduate students with basic knowledge and tools to process and use spatial data in independent ecological research. Importantly, we want these tools to be available to the students when they no longer have access to university resources. Therefore, we will use only free sources and open software (mainly QGIS and R) during data processing and analysis.


$4350/per person (Group of 1-4 students)

$3850/per person (Group of 5-8 students)

Includes: cost of instruction, room and board, airport and internship-related transportation. 

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