Central American History and Culture

Develop relationships with host families, polish your Spanish skills, learn about the impacts of the Panama Canal, and dive into the culture, faith expressions and history of Costa Rica, “the Latin American Exception”.


Central American History and Culture provides students at QERC with an opportunity to integrate the academic study of Latin American language, history and culture with direct observation and practical application of that knowledge in situ. Successful completion of this course will provide students with the necessary tools and opportunities to integrate meaningfully into a culture that is different from your own. In the course of the term at QERC, students will participate in Latin American culture while simultaneously examining political, social, environmental, religious and related issues through the eyes of Latin America. You will also be challenged to integrate your studies, experiences, and observations in the context of a Christian worldview.


SAN JOSE TRIP: As part of Central American History and Culture, students will travel to Costa Rica’s capitol city, San Jose, for several days. There, students will engage various speakers in charlas (Spanish for chats/talks) concerning their perspectives on Latin American theology, culture and conservation efforts.

PANAMA: 10 day trip to learn about Panama from Panamanians.  You’ll stay with a host family, learn about the Panama Canal, and visit indigenous groups.

All travel components are included in QERC’s tuition and fees. 


  1. Communicate with members of the host community in culturally appropriate and linguistically comprehensible ways in order to obtain and share information.
  2. Demonstrate an understanding Latin American politics and history by critically assessing selected topics in those areas.
  3. Evaluate and incorporate diverse perspectives in your reactions to readings and speakers.
  4. Reflect on a Christian worldview in the Latin American context.


Meets SNU’s Windows Component: Global Perspectives
SNU Course Number: HP 4393 Field Studies

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