Academic Calendar

2023 Spring Semester  

JANUARY 9 Students Arrive to San Jose, Costa Rica
JANUARY 10-14 QERC Orientation

Dr. Dennis Williams

JANUARY 15-21 Biogeography Module of Tropical Ecology and Sustainability

Dr. Bruce Hoagland

JANUARY 22-28 Spanish and TFR Forest Productivity
JAN 29-Feb 4 Entomology, begin homestays


FEBRUARY 5-11 TFR, Entomology, Spanish, conclude homestays
Dr. David Hoekman
FEBRUARY 12-18 Herpetology

Dr. John Cossel

FEBRUARY 19-25 Mammology
FEB 26- MAR 4 Ornithology
Dr. David Hille
MARCH 19-25 TFR Mammology
MAR 26- APRIL 1 Tropical Medicine in Panama
Dr. Caio França
APRIL 2-8 Spring Break/ Easter
APRIL 9-18 Biblical Theology and Global Stewardship
APRIL 19-29 Central American History and Culture

Dr. Dennis Williams

APRIL 30- MAY 6  Valley Presentations